20 years of innovative community and special interest websites

 Since our foundation in 1996, we have developed, and run, a large number of very successful websites.

Some we have sold on: here are some that we still run


The Masters Picture Book Online

This website started in 2012, with the objective of helping Masters of the London Livery Companies to get to know their fellow Masters. There are 112 Livery Companies, all of them fiercely independent, and their Masters hold office only for a year. Each company has its own way of setting the date for the changeover. The result is that some months, there are only 2 or 3 changes, but in the pek months of June and October, there are over 20. These photographs are changed every time a new Master is elected, and the website is updated accordingly.

Every six months, an A5 leaflet is produced in broadly the same format as the website, and distributed free to all the Masters then in office

This was followed in 2014 by the Mistresses and Consorts Picture Book Online which has pictures of all the wives and partners of Masters. Both these websites are sponsored by The Cook and The Butler Events Company, a City catering company.

In 2017, we started a third website, www.liverycompanies.london, which has pictures of the Master alongside the picture of the Mistress or Consort. This website is specifically designed for smartphones and mobile devices., and is sponsored by Diginius.

We have also made a large number of travel websites over the years
Our largest travel website, www.santiago-compostela.net, contained 5,000 pictures and generated nearly 2 million pages ayear of traffic. It has now been passed on to a colleague to develop further.Others we still run, in addition to those below, are morocco-pictures.co.uk and newzealand4u.co.uk


www.tongariro.co.uk in New Zealand
We have also created a number of websites concerned with sundials.
sundials.co.uk was the first comprehensive information site about sundials in 1997, and is still the leading website in the field. Other s are stainless-sundials.com , nicholson.sundials.co.uk, and solar-noon.com
Websites for authors have also been an interesting field for us.
The two websites below are still active; we also maintained a website for Muriel Spark during her lifetime, and we created an interim one for John le Carré a few years ago